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  • Kingdom of the Marvelous

    Kingdom of the Marvelous

    Here is a lo-resolution version of my latest article for The Picture Professional. I had the pleasure of interviewing and analyzing Allison Janae Hamilton’s series Kingdom of the Marvelous.

  • Catherine Opie — 2012-13 Visiting Artist Program Lecture Series

    Catherine Opie — 2012-13 Visiting Artist Program Lecture Series

    In her introduction for Catherine Opie, SAIC Dean Lisa Wainwright referred to the artist as “a documentarian and a romantic.” Wainwright’s comments – directed to the near-capacity crowd of students, scholars and admirers gathered at Rubloff Auditorium on September 10 – referred to Opie’s ability to capture and emphasize the beautiful in the commonplace, a…

  • Were you Talking to Me?

    Were you Talking to Me?

    Sharon Hayes is the epitome of what formalist and conservative aesthetes hate about contemporary art. Her work is queer, political and feminist but these aren’t the only reasons to love her.

  • Queer Concerns and Attachments

    Queer Concerns and Attachments

    “How can an artwork claim to represent a queer aesthetic if it does not overtly represent gender or sexuality?” “What are the domains of queerness and how can they expand?” Some of the most interesting strains of queer thought and art practices are developing these themes. The first work inside of the expansive exhibition “The…

  • “Super Moment” at the LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery

    “Super Moment” at the LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery

    Composed mostly of large post-prehistoric sculptures “Super Moment,” on display in the Student Union Galleries’ new LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery, features organic seeming icons of an imaginary civilization — odd and crude. The exhibition, a solo show by SAIC recent BFA graduate Max Garett, suits the new location well with its unique public viewing possible…

  • Ultimate Absence: Ana Mendieta at AIC

    Ultimate Absence: Ana Mendieta at AIC

    If ever there were a place where the body of Cuban-born American artist Ana Mendieta is hauntingly absent, it is in the Art Institute of Chicago’s current exhibition. The presence of these important images, some of which are representations of the artist’s body, are reminders that much of the content of Mendieta’s often-ephemeral practice occurred…