Allison Halter: Conflating Sissy Bounce with Minimalism


Allison Halter: I come from a funny performative background — I was a synchronized swimmer as a child, and competed for about seven years. But in undergrad, I considered myself a photographer, and most of the work I made and was interested in was photographic. … It was still a sort of roundabout path: I was a radical cheerleader, I was in a band, I had several dance troupes, but all of those experiences really shaped the kind of performance artist I am today, and gave me a pretty awesome and specific skill set, most especially with regards to audience.


Peanut Gallery: Developing a Punk Professionalism


“Peanut Gallery is full of sex, drugs and rock and roll—doused in Old Style and stuck in a bright white cube. With a scorpion.” Co-founder of Peanut Gallery and SAIC Alum Kelly Reaves offered this description to F Newsmagazine’s Mia DiMeo in 2011 when the gallery was housed in an artist studio in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Arts Building. The gallery recently moved to a more accessible storefront in Humboldt Park. Additionally, it was named Best New Gallery of the Future by New City in December of 2011. With the publicity and new location the gallery is busier than ever and working to adapt to the needs of its new community.