“Dominion” by Ajna Lichau


Ajna Lichau’s video installation Dominion,” which just closed on Saturday at the Tribute gallery (625 NW Everett #102), explored the representation of control and resignation without being polemical.


Anna von Mertens at Elizabeth Leach


Anna Von Mertens’s Portraits reflect a desire to research and incorporate modes of knowledge (i.e. the pseudoscience of the aura) into an art historical context in a way that makes canonical knowledge and this pseudoscientific knowledge seem equally absurd and oddly co-dependent.

Destricted: A Few Thoughts


On October 23rd I attended the PICA presented screening of Destricted at Washington High School, one of the first since its delayed U.S. release. The screening of Districted was quite a bit like internet porn surfing, sometimes fun, fascinating, often boring (although potentially arousing for others) with sporadic bursts of appeal and an overwhelming heterosexual bias.